Important notes regarding Firmware and Software Upgrades!

We deliver our systems with a basic factory firmware. The ordered firmware version can be downloaded from>Downloads. The licence for the ordered firmware version will be sent to you via email when the corresponding system is rolled out.

Should you have an older firmware version on an existing system and require an upgrade, please first check the release notes on the respective site to see which version is the one that meets you project requirements.

Due to Software and Hardware changes in the year 2009 the update of the following modules may result in problems. Thus we do not recommend to update:

  • CCU-/MCU modules with R-State lower than R6E

Afterwards, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the appropriate link and download the files to your PC.
    ATTENTION: Do not upload the firmware/software to the systems now. You first need a licence key from us to activate the firmware.  Without a proper key the system is no longer capable of telephony! For an offer please contact our sales department.
  2. Please complete the file “System_Upgrades.xls” and send it to or directly to your sales contact.
  3. After having received the order from your purchase department we send the licence key to your email address.
  4. Upload this key to the configuration of your systems (for help please see “Firmware Licence Import.pdf” in the download zip file)
  5. Now you can upload the firmware and software to the systems. Please consider that the licence key is matched to the MAC-ID you stated and thus you can only use the firmware for the appropriate systems.

General remarks on FW updates:

In general a new licence is required every time you update to a non bugfix FW version. A non bugfix version differs in more than just the last two digits from the previous installed version e.g.:

Update from to
Update to a bugfix firmware version. No new licence is required.

Update from to
Update to a FW version including new features. A new licence is required.

Firmware Upgrade Price list and features

Please find the actual price list – Upgrade Price List


Firmware compatible with NAMES 3.0 / 3.1 may be downloaded from the following list. An appropriate firmware license must be installed.

FirmwareRelease Notes
FW *RN *

*coming soon

Firmware that is compatible with NovaTec Maintenance Packages NMP 7.3.X and current NMP 7.4.0 can be downloaded from the following list.

A license is needed to activate the firmware.


For further information please download the following documentation:

NMP – NovaTec Maintenance Package 7.3.x/7.4.x

Please be aware, that only NMP software on this page and corresponding firmware on this page contain fixes for OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2014-0224. Please also see our security advisory.

SOFTWARERelease Notes
SW Download: NMP 7.4.0RN for NMP 7.4.0
SW-Download: NMP 7.3.1RN for NMP 7.3.1

Please note: You cannot program systems once programmed/configured with FW from 00.08.03.xx with older firmware.

The download contains the following data:

  • PC Tools
  • Release Notes
  • ReadMe
  • Excel sheet for system data that is necessary for the license generation

Previous NMP Version

NovaTec Administration and Management System (NAMES)

NAMES is the new NovaTec solution for administering multiple NovaTec systems through a central service. The application runs on a server, allowing multiple concurrent users to use it through a web-based UI. The current version of NAMES provides functionality equivalent to the combination of NMS, TI-CA and NTConf. Additionally, the tools TI-Client and Call Server from NMP 7.4.0 should be used to cover functionality not yet transferred to the new system.

Firmware compatible with NAMES 3.0 / 3.1 may be downloaded from the following list. An appropriate firmware license must be installed.

FirmwareRelease Notes
FW *RN *

*coming soon

The NovaTec Network Management System – NMS

Attention: NMS is affected by OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2014-0224.

Please consider our security advisory and DLLS for the workaround.

The release notes for the NMS 7.1.2 can be found here.

The NMS enables the remote access to the NovaTec systems and offers the following functionalities:

  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Automatic configuration updates
  • Automatic download of the CDR
  • Automatic download of trace and log files
  • E-mail or SMS notification in case of system failure or system problems (e. g. system reset, CPU overcharge, malfunction of an interface etc.)
  • Monitoring of the system status
  • Summary of the messages of multiple NovaTec gateways, conversion of these messages into SNMP traps and forwarding of the traps to a SNMP prob.

Conditions for the Functionality of the NMS

To enable the direct access to the NovaTec-Systems the following software packages have to be installed on the server that is used for the NMS:

  • The NMS Software
  • The Call Home Job Management Software (part of the NMS package)
  • The NovaTec Maintenance Package – NMP

The above software can be downloaded free of charge from the download area.

To start NMS a license dongle is needed (1 to 6 licenses are available), too. For an offer please turn to our sales department.

The NMS server has to be embedded into the LAN and must at least fulfil the system pre-conditions according to Release Notes NMS 7.1.2.

Operation Mode of the NMS

  • The NMS Software accepts the incoming connections from the NovaTec system and executes the tasks according to the parameters of the Job Management.
  • The Call Home Job Management Software manages the access of the NovaTec systems to the NMS and the tasks that have to be executed when the gateway system is calling. All tasks can be managed gateway specifically.
  • The NovaTec Maintenance PackageNMP contains the necessary applications to enable the manual access to the NovaTec systems and thus the direct access to the target system.

In case that a second NMS server is used as backup system a synchronisation tool such as Allway Sync is necessary to guarantee the data consistency between the two NMS servers. Detailed information can be found in the manual File Synchronization.

Use of two NMS servers, example chart:


The NovaTec TI-CA –

Trace Info Certificate Authority Server

The Release Notes for TI-CA 1.6 can be found here.

Please be aware, that the use of TI-CA with Windows XP is no longer supported, the use with Windows 2003 is only supported until latest 14th of July 2015.

TI-CA was developed from NovaTec in order to generate and sign TLS certificates for NovaTec products and other products which shall be used together with NovaTec systems in a PKI structured environment.

The TI-CA application generates

  • an encrypted Root-CA-Key (cakey.pem),
  • a Root-Certificate (cacert.pem) and
  • a Public-Certificate (cacert.crt).

The Root-CA Key and the password of this key are the most sensitive parts of the CA infrastructure and have to be stored in a safe place together with the Root Certificate (e. g. on an USB stick in the customer’s safe). The Root-CA is only used to sign other certificates. The Public-Certificate (cacert.crt) is provided to all systems that are part of this CA infrastructure.

The TI-CA application should be installed on an access-secure Microsoft server. That means the server should be located in a locked room without LAN access.

TI-CA Software for download!

To use TI-CA a license dongle is needed. The dongle contains the number of systems (MAC addresses) that can be signed:

  • License 1: max 100 systems,
  • License 2: max 500 systems,
  • License 3: max 1000 systems,
  • License 4: max 2000 systems,
  • License 5: max 5000 systems,
  • License 6: unlimited number of systems.

For an offer please turn to our sales department.

Firmware Upgrade Price list and features

Please find the current price list – Upgrade Price List

For any questions or do you need an offer?

Please contact our sales department.

NovaTec may also contact me/us in the future with information on innovations interesting for me/us.