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About us

NovaTec | Expert in ISDN + VoIP

NovaTec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH was founded in 1990 by Michael Keyhani and Horst Michaelis*. Built on long years of experience in telecommunications practical detail solutions for other manufactures were realised in the beginning.

During the company’s growth the development of target-group-specific plug & play solutions were added to the portfolio. By now the range of products was expanded and also includes telecommunication systems, GSM gateways and VoIP media gateways.

Besides product development the consultancy and training are in focus of our operations. The production of small series and prototypes also belong to the in-house service.

The quality management system ISO 9001 is not only fulfilled but consequently implemented in all company areas. Our products are tested and inspected by independent certificate authorities.

A thorough check of all systems and careful tests before delivery are granted.

The direct contact with the customer is in the foreground of our activities. Our staff is at your disposal for any queries and will counsel you extensively.

NovaTec | a team for quality.

* deceased in August 1999

Paderborn is situated at the motorway A33.

The best way to reach us is to take the exit 28 – Paderborn-Mönkeloh.

Should you have problems finding us please call +49 5251 1589 0.

Have a good trip.

NovaTec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

Technologiepark 9

D – 33100 Paderborn


Phone: +49 5251 1589 0

General Sales Conditions of NovaTec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH (Ltd.)

All our deliveries and services are subject to our General Sales Conditions. You find these here.

General Purchasing Conditions of NovaTec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

I. Preface

(1) For all purchases of NovaTec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH – below called NovaTec GmbH – only the present conditions are significant and valid unless agreed elsewise explicitly. We hereby formally disagree to conditions of the consignee in his general terms and conditions or his order confirmation. Acceptance of order confirmations or deliveries without reproach does not mean the approval of such conditions.

(2) The supplier acknowledges the present general purchasing conditions as solely valid for all further orders with his first delivery.

 II. Offers

All offers have to correspond to our enquiries. All discrepancies have to be clearly marked as such in the corresponding offer. All offers to us are free of charge. Drawings, samples and models sent remain in our property and have to return to us free of charge with the offer.

III. Orders

(1) Orders, conclusions and scheduled deliveries as well as changes or additions to these require written form. Scheduled deliveries can also be triggered by data communication. Vocal agreements before or during conclusion of a contract require written form to achieve validity.

(2) If the supplier does not confirm the order within two weeks we are authorised to cancel the order. Scheduled deliveries are obligatory latest when the supplier does not veto to it within 5 business days after receipt.

(3) The general quality management guideline for suppliers is part of every contract with such.

IV. Delivery

(1) Discrepancies to our agreement and orders are only valid with our previous approval. Agreed appointments and deadlines are binding. Decisive for the adherence of the delivery date or dead line is the goods arrival at our facility. If it has been agreed that the shipment is sent “delivery and duty paid” the supplier has to prepare the goods for loading and dispatch bearing the usual duration of these in mind.

(2) The consignee has to adhere to the consignment regulations of NovaTec GmbH and the forwarder resp. carrier. In all shipping documents, letters and invoices the NovaTec order and article number have to be stated.

(3) In case due-dates cannot be held due to causes the supplier has to answer for it is our right to withdraw from the contract with refusal to accept performance after an appropriate extension of time has elapsed and to purchase replacement from a third party and/or to demand compensation for non-performance regardless of further legal regulations. We have claim to compensation of all extra costs which derive from the late delivery or performance and for which the supplier is held liable. The acceptance of a late delivery or performance does not include waiver of recourses.

(4) If the supplier can foresee difficulties in manufacture or pre-materialise or for him unswayable factors occur which are likely to bar him from delivery on due date in the agreed quality he has to inform our purchasing department immediately.

(5) For quantities, weights and measures the data as determined by our goods inward inspection are decisive unless otherwise proved.

(6) Part deliveries have to be announced to us previously for approval.

(7) The supplier carries the risk of conveyance even if NovaTec GmbH pays for transport.

V. Vis major

Vis major, labour disputes, hold-ups without fault of the supplier, riots, official actions and other unavoidable happenings entitle us to back off the contract completely or in parts as far as these cause a substantial diminishment of our requirements.

VI. Dispatch note and commercial invoice

(1) The specifications in our order and delivery schedules apply. If stated commercial invoices have to be sent to the corresponding address and may not be enclosed in the shipment. Elsewise they are to be enclosed into the shipment.

(2) The consignee is only entitled to invoice outstanding bills which are undoubted and established as final and absolute.

VII. Pricing term and transfer of perils

If no special agreement is made all costs are with free delivery and include packaging. Value added tax is not included in the given prices. The supplier carries the risk of accidental loss, destruction or deterioration up to the receipt of the goods by us or our authorised representative at stated place of delivery.

VIII. Terms of payment

As far as no special agreements have been made commercial invoices are paid within 30 days under deduction of 2% allowance or within 60 days strictly net. The beginning of the term is the day on which the commercial invoices as well as the ordered goods have arrived at our facilities resp. the work has been performed. Payment is effected under the condition of invoice verification.

IX. Guarantee

(1) The acceptance of the delivered goods takes place under the condition of review of correctness and suitability. We are entitled to inspect the delivered goods or performance as far and as soon as this is doable in the regular course of business. Detected scarcities are rebuked instantly when detected. In this respect the supplier renounces the objection of late letter of complaint.

(2) We are entitled to claim free replacement or rework according to our choice or to demand reduction of the price or complete or partial rescission of the contract (redhibition action) for scarcities of the goods or performance irrespective of rights to which we are entitled by law. The defects liability period is twelve months as far as no other period has been contracted on an individual basis.

(3) If due to a poor delivery the inspection on delivery has to exceed the normal range the supplier will have to bear the expenses.

(4) In urgent cases, especially to fend off acute threats or to avoid inordinate damage, we are entitled to remedy the scarcities our self at the supplier’s expenses.

X. Product defects

In such cases as customers or other third parties hold us responsible due to product liability the supplier is obligated to discharge us from such claims, insofar as the damage is caused by a failure of the goods as delivered by the supplier. In cases of fault-based liability this applies only if the supplier is to blame. As far as the cause of the damage lies in the responsibility of the supplier he carries the burden of proof. In these cases the supplier also carries all expenses and outlays including the costs for prosecution or call-backs. In other respects legal regulations apply.

XI. Workmanship

Persons working on the factory premises in execution of a contract have to regard the regulations of the applying work rules. The regulations for entering and leaving the factory have to be met. The liability for accidents to people on the factory premises is not covered insofar as the accident is not caused by us deliberately or grossly negligent.

XII. Free issued equipment

Materials, parts, container and special packaging as supplied freely by us remain in our property. They may only be used as intended. The processing of materials and the assembly of parts are effected for us. It is understood that we are co-owner of the products manufactured by use of the parts and materials supplied by us in such percentage as the value of the supplied equipment has in relation to the complete product, which is stored in our name by the supplier.

XIII. Non disclosure

Documentations of all kind made available to the supplier like samples, drawings, models, data and such, as well as all supplied information as far as not clearly designated for the public must not be made accessible for third parties unless necessary to fulfil the contract. Products manufactured by means of documents of our design like drawings models and similar or our confidential instruction or with our tools or copied tools may not be used, offered or sold to a third party by the supplier. This also applies analogously for our print jobs.

XIV. Place of fulfilment

Place of fulfilment is Paderborn.

XV. Place of venue, applicable law

Place of venue is by our choice the location of the supplier or Paderborn. The contract is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany excluding the laws of conflict. The Hague sales convention, the UN Convention of the International Sale of Goods (CSIG) or other conventions relating to laws on the sale of goods are excluded and do not apply.

XVI. Third party trade mark rights

The consignee affirms that for the normal use of the purchased goods there are no conflicts with rights of a third party, in particular that no trade mark rights of a third party are infringed. Should third parties nonetheless make claims on NovaTec GmbH due to a possible infringements of a third parties rights such as copy rights, patent laws or other proprietary rights, the consignee relieves NovaTec hereof and of all duties in this context.

XVII. Severability clause

In case any of the previously stated terms of our general purchasing conditions be null and void, invalid or impracticable for any reason the validity of the other terms and the contract based on these remain unaffected. The involved parties are held to replace the invalid term by such agreement as complies most with the inapplicable term.

(as of 11/05)

Reference list of NovaTec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

SwisscomCoop Delivery of soft and hardware for setup of a pulse accurate connection for ISDN and DECT based TK systems via IP of a network with a Cisco Call manager environment.
Cisco SystemsVG-2BRI

Sale of part licenses as well as joint development and definition of a new codec for the synchronous transfer of data, delivery of hardware for various VoIP projects, even to international warehouses.
T-Systems Int.DB Voice

Design and delivery of hard and software as well as documentation of the setup of a TLS encrypted and pulse synchronous VoIP and data network a Cisco CUCM environment for a network structure across Germany.
T-Systems Int.I.

Delivery and conception of hard and software as well as documentation on the setup of an encrypted and pulse synchronous data and VoIP network in an authority under VS-NfD conditions.
T-Systems Int.II.

Delivery and conception of hard and software as well as documentation on the setup of a TLS encrypted and pulse synchronous data and VoIP network in an high security area for military and governmental communication applications under VS-NfD conditions.
T-Systems Int.KfW

Delivery of systems as investment protection during the implementation and conversion of the KfW communications infrastructure on VoIP base.

Uk0 (BRI) connections including synchronisation with the TDM network via a WAN network and SIP in a Cisco Call manager environment.
Deutsche TelekomCity of Pforzheim

Delivery of hardware for the range extension of interfaces and the expansion of the existing telephone network
Deutsche TelekomHeidepark Soltau

Delivery of hardware for the range extension of ISDN interfaces
Ansaldo Italy

Indian railway

Delivery of hardware for the range extension of Up0 (BRI) interfaces under a wide range of climatic conditions for the Indian railway.
Airsys Navigation SystemsCologne/Bonn Airport

Technique for the connection of the detectors of the aeroplane positioning on the ground.
City of MannheimDelivery of hardware for the range extension of interfaces
City of HannoverEmergency telephones

Delivery of hardware for the connection of emergency telephones at tram stops.
City of BerlinEmergency telephonesDelivery of hardware for the range extension of interfaces.
Wind farms

Delivery of hardware for the connection of the electric meters to a central point over great distances within the wind farms.
Hydro damsCounty of Saxony

Delivery of hardware for the range extension of interfaces and the expansion of the existing telephony network with IP connection.
British TelecomCentral bank

Delivery and installation of hardware for a VoIP network in a CUCM environment.
WeinmannGAP Tunnel

System delivery for the connection of remote

analogous terminal equipment over great distances in a

tunnel to the GSM network with the help of an integrated GSM gateway.
DimensiondataNATO partner

Delivery of special hardware for the connection of security relevant applications to a VoIP network.

You can also download our references as pdf file here.