INDIVIDUAL solutions for INDIVIDUAL needs

NovaTec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH is a company that possesses many years of experience in telecommunications. Above all, the company offers target group-specific solutions. As a pioneer in developing of GSM Gateways, the development and migration of existing systems – from ISDN to VoIP – into IP-based infrastructures is now the focus. In 2007, the company received the “Mittelstand Initiative” innovation award. The “Initiative Mittelstand” awarded the NovaTec Internet Pathfinder, the advanced Link between VoIP and ISDN as SIP Gateway, with the 2007 ITK innovation award in the category Voice over IP. Aside from numerous realized projects with renowned enterprises, this award reflects the quality of this VoIP Gateway. Furthermore, NovaTec provides innovative solutions for the security needs in telecommunications. It offers secure end-to-end encryption, using common encryption techniques such as TLS 1.2 and SRTP, not only for IP networks, but also for existing ISDN end devices. The NovaTec Gateway can be combined with the integrated Session Border Controller function. Thus, the gateway provides a worldwide tap-proof connection.

NovaTec Solutions

Additionally,  NovaTec GmbH offers customer-oriented software products including appropriate services and support as well as customer-oriented training courses.  Specially, training coures help with the commissioning of the system. Public administrations and authorities, distributors and system houses as well as public institutions belong to the main customer base of NovaTec GmbH.  

  • NovaTec - a team for quality
  • A direct contact with the customer is in the foreground of our activities
  • Our staff will counsel you extensively
  • We help you with the integration of special solutions and the migration of existing systems into the new IP based infrastructures.
  • We find individual solutions for your individual needs of you network solution.


  • SBC-SX

    Published / Modified : 2019/04/01
    Migration solutions with NovaTec Session Border Controller - SBC-SX | Please find more information about possible upcoming problems in a migration process of new IT-Infrastructure Interfaces to VoIP/SIP trunks NovaTec's... Read more
  • 19″ Chassis latest review

    Published / Modified : 2019/01/16
    The new chassis S8 and S21 allow remote retrieval of serial numbers and by such a better inventory control with help of NAMES 3.0. Also high density fully redundant power... Read more

  • LAN Extender

    Published / Modified : 2019/01/16
    LAN Extension via two-wire lines: With  NovaTec LAN Extender you can transparently extend your LAN via an existing two-wire line - with no overhead and minimal effort. Read more
  • Fibre Optic Multiplexer

    Published / Modified : 2019/01/15
    NovaTec Fibre Optic Multiplexer for transparent transfer of various interfaces via fibre optic. Please click to find detailed information! Read more

  • New Partner

    Published / Modified : 2019/01/15
    For our new project | NUS - NovaTec Unified Services | we need new partner with good knowledge in IT- and telecommunications. Read more
  • Meltdown / Spectre

    Published / Modified : 2018/12/27
    These processor hardware vulnerabilities have no effect on NovaTec devices when using the Original NovaTec firmware. Read more

  • Element Manager

    Published / Modified : 2018/12/27
    NAMES 3.0 (NovaTec Advanced Management and Element Server) supports XML based configuration data and includes all necessary configuration and management tools of NovaTec gateways. Please find more Information: NovaTec Administration... Read more
  • High density VoIP Switch

    Published / Modified : 2018/12/27
    The interface density as well as the switching capacity is considerably increased by introduction of the new CCU6. The new module will be able to switch 256 VoIP/sRTP channels simultaneously... Read more

  • Vulnerability detected in Open SSL

    Published / Modified : 2018/12/21
    Vulnerability detected in Open SSL - Find NovaTec's measures here! Read more
  • ALLinONE solution for VoIP need

    Published / Modified : 2018/12/18
    NovaTec offers an ALLinONE Solution for VoIP need for small and medium-sized businesses. Please find more information:   Read more