Copyright regulations

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Usage license

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NovaTec provides software packages for download from the Site. The User may download the software only for personal or company use. Only users who have the authority to bind their company to the license agreement may download software packages for company use. For the use of these packages, refer to the license agreements included within the packages. By installing and using the software the User accepts the conditions of the agreement. Not all software products are licensed to all users; it is recommended to carefully read the license agreement of each product carefully before installation.


NovaTec provides product handbooks for download from the Site. These handbooks may only be used to evaluate NovaTecs’ products with the purpose of purchase or by owners of the specific NovaTecs’ product. For these purposes, the User is permitted to replicate and distribute the handbooks without limit, provided the recipient agrees to use the handbook only for aforementioned purposes and accepts this license agreement. Any modifications, annotations, additions, abridgements and any other changes to the content of the handbooks are expressly forbidden.