NovaTec Network Multiplexer


On this page we will answer some of the questions relating to the NNM. This information may help in your decision when looking for a product, installing the product, or can be used in the event of a problem when installing. The contents of the FAQs are the results of questions set to NovaTec and therefore can and will be regularly updated.

Where is the typical operation area for the NovaTec Network Multiplexer?

The typical operations area for the NNM is anywhere where a PRI/ISDN30/E1 interface is and where other ISDN interfaces are required these can be: BRI (either subscriber line or trunk lines) U interfaces for the range extension over a double copper wire, or other PRI/ISDN30/E1 interfaces. Hereby e.g. the 30 B Channels of a PRI/ISDN 30/E1 can be separated and the individual B Channels allocated to a second PRI/ISDN 30/E1 interface.

Where can the NNM be installed?

The NNM can be installed either on the Telecom connections side or either side of the Switch. In this configuration individual BRI’s can be bundled to be used in conjunctions with a video conferencing system, or be used as a Least Cost Router when this function in not available in the Switch.

I would like to connect analogue end devices to the NNM is this possible?

The NNM only functions with ISDN Interfaces, so before analogue end devices can be connected these must first be connected via an STA Adaptor, but please note that if analogue end devices are connected these can be suscebtible to Echo, therefore we suggest that an Echo cancellation card is used.

Can the NNM be connected to different power supplies, e.g. in the USA?

The NNM is equipped with a wide range power supply which covers the range 110VAC-and 220VAC- and also 50 Hz as well as 60 Hz.

What is the minimum and maximum number of B Channels that the NNM will support?

The NNM supports BRI interfaces and several PRI/E1/ISDN 30 interfaces, as well as U Inteface. By this the system can support up to 60 connections.

Which interfaces can be connected to the NNM?

The NNM can be equipped with BRI, PRI or U interfaces, but support only the EDSS1 protocol.

What possibilities do I have to monitor the NNM or support possibilities?

There are up to 3 possibilities to monitor and support the equipment, these are: either locally with the use of a V.24 (CCU3) or USB cable (CCU4 and CCU6), remotely via ISDN (CCU3 only, dialing into the NNM) or over IP.