PT Family Solutions for ISDN interface range extension!


The PT product family has been developed to enable connections to be made between ISDN telephones that may be located in remote locations, and the main PABX/Switch.

With the help of the PTs, ISDN BRI (S0) Interfaces can be converted to either U or Up0-Interfaces. The main application lies in extending the ranges of BRI (S0) interfaces up to 8 km.

The PT-SU converts an ISDN-BRI interface to an U-Interface and the PT-US reconverts this U-Interface into the original BRI Interface.

The PT-SUp converts an ISDN-BRI interface into an Up0-Interface and the PT-UpS converts this back from the Up0-Interface into the original BRI-Interface. The range of a BRI-Interface is extended by the combination of PT-SUp and PT-UpS over a copper twin wire up to distances of 3.5 km.

The NovaTec S5+ Line Extender consists of two units. Unit 1 converts one UP0 slave interface into an U0 interface, unit 2 then alters it into an UP0 master interface. By combining up to 6 units (3 pairs) a transmission range of up to 30 km can be achieved.