Migration solutions with Session Border Controller of NovaTec SBC-SX

Possible upcoming Problems in a Migration process of new IT-Infrastructure and the interfaces to VoIP/SIP Trunks.

  • Different physical layer and interfaces
  • Different IP address-ranges (public and private addresses)
  • Different address-methods (IPv4 or IPv6)
  • Eavesdropping, network security against attacks (DoS, TLS/ SIPs and SRTP)
  • Bandwidth bottleneck (Media Bandwidth Policy and Transcoding)
  • Variously interpretation of standards and RFCs (SIP-incompatibility)
  • Proper and localized emergency call in a WAN network infrastructure.
  • Survival mode in case of WAN malfunction
  • Setup of multiple SIP-trunks (also as backup).

Please find NovaTec’s solution for this problem:

Solutions for networking and integration of ISDN infrastructures into IP based networks

When adjusting or importing existing TDM based infrastructures like ISDN into an IP based infrastructure special attention needs to be paid to the physical and logical characteristics of the interfaces in relation to the connected end devices and applications.

Some end devices and applications known to us like crypto systems, telecommunication systems with DECT devices, ISDN video conference systems etc. require special precautions when emulating ISDN at the switchover to the IP based infrastructure like clock pulse synchronisation or transparent signalling.

With help of the long years of experience in such projects NovaTec could develop fitting solutions. As examples the following solutions can be named:

These are solution proposals on the one side and projects put into practice on the other.

Following you can find further information about projects put into practice:

Should you already be the owner of NovaTec products and wish for your application to be described on our pages we will be pleased about your approach.

Central Clock Synchronization

RTP Master Clock Server: RMCS

When implementing bit synchronous TDM orientated solutions like ISDN in VoIP networks clock synchronization is always necessary.

To enable a central clock synchronization of all network components the “RTP Master Clock Server: RMCS” was developed within the Sync. Admin concept of NovaTec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH.

RMCS is also able to choose between different available reference clocks (e.g. from ISDN) and to synchronize itself and all gateways within the network.

That’s how network internal as well as external connections are clock synchronized amongst each other.

The NovaTec RMCS solution has already been approved in environments as TLS and sRTP as a reliable solution.

NovaTec systems support clock synchronization via received RTP packages and don’t need expensive and extensive IP network adjustments as existing solutions like IEEE1588 do.

By allowing the continuous usage of synchronous applications of the ISDN environment and hardware via IP /VoIP network a slow migration is possible and big investments during the migration phase are avoided.

In 2012 NovaTec achieved a position under the best twenty of over 2500 contestants with this product in the Innovation Award for IT of the German Initiative Mittelstand (a German B2B online marketing platform).

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NUS | NovaTec Unified Services

ALLinONE Solution for VoIP need for small and medium-sized businesses

Benefits of NUS – NovaTec Unified Services:

  • Safe communication via your internet connection
  • Safe location connections for your voice communication
  • Safe VoIP communication without costs of acquisition

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Secure encryption for ISDN and IP connections with the NovaTec Encryption Gateway

The rapid growth of commercial and private communication over IP provides ideal attack points for eavesdroppers and therefore leads to a drastic increase of illegal attacks on telephone and data networks. The attacks on confidential data take place from within a company as well as from the outside. The economic damage deriving from people spying on confidential data and telephone calls is huge. Only encrypting the data and telephone calls can help.


NovaTec fibre optic multiplexer

The NovaTec fibre optic multiplexer is a pair of systems which can be used for transparent transfer of various interfaces via fibre optic.

Due to the easy interchangeability of the SFP fibre optic modules the system pair can be adjusted to any existing optic fibre line.

The modular setup with daughter boards allows the use of the system pair for the transfer of various interfaces independent of the used protocol.


NovaTec Administration and Management System – NAMES

NAMES is the new NovaTec solution for administering multiple NovaTec systems through a central service. The application runs on a server, allowing multiple concurrent users to use it through a web-based UI. The current version of NAMES provides functionality equivalent to the combination of NMS, TI-CA and NTConf. Additionally, the tools TI-Client and Call Server from NMP 7.4.0 should be used to cover functionality not yet transferred to the new system.

The version of NAMES offered for download on this page contains only basic functionality, mostly restricted to that contained in the previous freely available administration and configuration tools. To evaluate or license further functionality, such as scheduled or triggered actions, issuing of TLS certificates and full user and role management, please contact our sales department.

NAMES DownloadRelease Notes
NAMES 3.0.1RN for NAMES 3.0.1

Caution: systems that have been upgraded to a FW from 00.08.03.xx onwards cannot be reverted to a pre-00.08.03.xx version without manufacturer assistance due to component licensing issues.

The installer contains:

  • the NAMES service
  • release notes
  • a readme file

Firmware compatible with NAMES 3.1 may be downloaded from the following list. An appropriate firmware license must be installed.

To renew your license, please contact our sales department.

Caution: Before upgrading from FW or older on a CCU4 please make sure to contact our support first!

FirmwareRelease Notes
FW *RN *


Conversion of a UP0 Interface into a BRI Interface


A manufacturer’s switch/PABX delivers a UP0-Interface where an ISDN End device which has a BRI-Interface should be connected.


The use of the PT-UPS enables the conversion of the existing UP0 -Interface into a BRI-Interface. Herewith the ISDN End device can be connected to a Switch/PABX that is up to 3.5 km away.


The PT-UPS is connected via the Up0 interface to the switch. The S0 connection of the ISDN End device is then connected to the PT-UpS. The PT-UpS is then plugged into the mains power supply and the unit is then installed. No configuration or programming is required.


Solutions for ISDN interface range extension

In all applications with distances above the maximum manufacturer warranted range between place of use of the terminal equipment and the system NovaTec can provide remedy.

Very often the end device has an analogue telephony or system interface like Up0, Upn (BRI) or ISDN interfaces.

By using the corresponding technologies NovaTec systems can achieve ranges of more than 20 km on two wires. Whilst doing so it is irrelevant whether concerns analogue-digital systems or ISDN interfaces.

  • PT US/SU:

With the product series PT – Private Terminator e.g. single ISDN S0 interfaces can be extended via two wire completely protocol transparent:

  • S5+ Line Extender

With some system interfaces, consisting of Upo and Upn, the ranges are limited. NovaTec enables the range extension of this kind of interface completely protocol transparent to more than 20 km on two wires with the S5+ Line Extender (in a project in India the range was extended to several thousands of km with radio links).


These examples are possible proposals and already realised project in operation.  If you already use NovaTec products and would like us to describe your application on our pages we will be pleased about your approach.

NovaTec Network Multiplexer – NNM

The NovaTec Network Multiplexer NNM enables up to 256 B-channels with max. 6 primary rate interfaces (PRI/ISDN 30) to be split between several basic and primary rate (BRI, U or PRI) interfaces and  NovaTec SIP Gateway.

By using CCU6 it will be possible to use up to 512 B-channels. This means pure ISDN or analog connections only.

Possible users:

  • Network providers
  • Middle or larger size companies

Operational applications:

  • For connections of several ISDN 2 (BRI) devices, or from one server via an PRI/ISDN 30 interface to another server
  • For multiple users in one building
  • For the connection of fax servers, call centres, voice servers, etc.
  • As a middle-box to solve compatibility problems on the ISDN level between two devices

Please find an overview of NNM systems:







Solutions for the Power supply of ISDN Interfaces

By way of examples we would like to show you some of the operational areas for our products, where the ISDN Interfaces require either remote powering, remote powering needs to be supplied at a later date or the existing supply needs to be increased.

The product that comes into use here is:

The solutions found here are both recommendations from NovaTec and from already realised projects from customers.

If you have previously used products from NovaTec in your solutions in other configurations and would like us to show your application, please contact us and we will be happy to hear from you.


Subsequent upgrading a BRI S0 -Interface with remote power source.


Many PABX’s do not supply the BRI S0 -Interface with remote power or the power that is supplied is not sufficient to power the connected end devices.


The USS supplies the remote power with a capacity of 2W. Herewith the subsequent powering or upgrade of the remote power supply to 2W can be achieved.


The USS is connected via Western connectors parallel to the ISDN-Enddevice with the BRI S0 -Interface. No configuration is required.


NovaTec may also contact me/us in the future with information on innovations interesting for me/us.