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Important note regarding Firmware and Software Upgrades!

We deliver our systems with a basic factory firmware. The ordered firmware version can be downloaded from>Downloads. The licence for the ordered firmware version will be sent to you via email when the corresponding system is rolled out.

Should you have an older version on an exsisting system and require an upgrade, please first check  the release descriptions on the respective site to see which version is the one that meets you project requirements.

Due to Software and Hardware changes in the year 2009 the update of the following modules may result in problems. Thus we do not recommend to update:

Afterwards, please follow these steps:
  1. Click on the appropriate link and download the files to your PC.
    ATTENTION: Do not upload the firmware/software to the systems now. You first need a license key from us to activate the firmware.  Without a proper key the system is no longer capable of telephony! For an offer please turn to our sales department.
  2. Please complete the file "System_Upgrades.xls" and send it to or directly to your sales contact.
  3. After having received the order from your purchase department  we send the license key to your email address.
  4. Upload this key to the configuration of your systems (for help please see "Firmware License Import.pdf" in the download zip file)
  5. Now you can upload the firmware and software to the systems. Please consider, that the license key is matched to the MAC-ID you stated and thus you can only use the firmware for the appropriate systems.


General remarks on FW updates:


In general a new licence is required every time you update to a non bugfix FW version. A non bugfix version differs in more than just the last two digits from the previous installed version e.g.:   

Update from to
Update to a bugfix firmware version. No new licence is required.

Update from to
Update to a FW version including new features. A new licence is required.




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> TICA 1.6

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