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NovaTec SIP Gateway

The NovaTec SIP Gateway enables the generation of ISDN respectively analogue interfaces within IP environments and also allows ISDN over IP worldwide.


Thus the NovaTec SIP Gateway can be used wherever appliances and systems with ISDN or analogue interfaces need to be sustained despite the conversion to VoIP.


Problems frequently occur within companies when merging company communication systems because the old infrastructure is not compatible with the newer technology. An earnest problem has arisen since the globalisation of VoIP and the coherent merging of the classical telecommunication with IT technologies.


Authorities, both on government and county levels, and lots of businesses have already experienced the same problems on their first step to VoIP: there are telephones with the classical interfaces (i.e. S0, UP0 or the basic analogue) available. Its normally fax machines or peripheral equipment which would be uneconomical to converge.   


The NovaTec SIP Gateway is also available with redundancy enabled power supplies.


Here is where the NovaTec SIP Gateway comes into service providing nearly unlimited applications such as:


The NovaTec SIP Gateway is available in various types depending on the following interfaces:

Selection of possible users:

*available soon
Example: NovaTec SIP Gateway operation within an infrastructure

Example: Connection of a remote ISDN BRI respectively  ISDN-UP0 interface via IP

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> NovaTec SIP-Gateway S5+, S6, S20/S20+

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