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Competence in VoIP, ISDN and GSM


Here you can find network solutions tailored to your needs - even for special cases.


We help you with the integration of special solutions and the migration of existing systems into the new IP based infrastructures. Based on 21 years of experience in network design, composition of offers, proof of concepts and implementation of networks, NovaTec could develop solutions and offer products for tenders in small, middle, big and even complex projects. To some extent even new products were developed for certain projects.


NovaTec provides a broad product range of voice over IP switches, VoIP and media gateways as well as ISDN solutions like e.g. ISDN range extension, interface converters, adapters for analogue systems, long loop analogue connection lines and GSM gateways.


The flexibility of NovaTec when implementing customer needs in some large-scale projects leads to an enhancement of its products with unique network specific applications, which other projects may benefit from. 

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Our contact details:

NovaTec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH
Technologiepark 9
DE - 33100 Paderborn

Telefon: +49 (0) 5251/1589-0

Telefax: +49 (0) 5251/1589-611



  • LAN Extension via two-wire lines: with the NovaTec LAN Extender you can transparently extend your LAN via an existing two-wire line - with no overhead and minimal effort.


  • NovaTec fibre optic multiplexer for transparent transfer of various interfaces via fibre optic.


  • NAMES 3.0 (NovaTec Advanced Management and Element Server) supports XML based configuration data and includes all necessary configuration and management tools of NovaTec gateways.  Read the NAMES 3.0 User Manual now.
  • The interface density as well as the switching capacity is considerably increased by introduction of the new CCU6. The new module will be able to switch 256 VoIP/sRTP channels simultaneously and thereby doubles the current system capacities.
  • The new chassis „S8“ and „S21“ allow remote retrieval of serial numbers and by such a better inventory control with help of NAMES 3.0. Also high density fully redundant power supplies have been implemented in these new chassis.
  • Vulnerability detected in OpenSSL – Find NovaTec's measures here!
  • Central clock synchronisation (RTP Master Clock Server: RMCS)  for all clock sensitive applications and hardware, which are to be linked via IP.
  • TDM over IP: with NovaTec`s Link Protocol (NLP) all TDM digital interfaces like E1, S/T, Uko and Upo can be connected worldwide protocol transparent and regardless of its location via IP.
  • Encryption of the IP communication as security measure
    with end to end encryption of IP connections (SIPs and sRTP) and the security concept of the NovaTec gateways these can be embedded into existing PKI (Private Key Infrastructures) or be used for the creation of an own PKI. 
  • SMS-Email-SMS Converter/SMS over IP             Cost-efficient communication with any email program for the bidirectional message transfer between mobile phones and smartphones in international operation.