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Repair procedure

All NovaTec systems run through a quality check with high standards. But system failures can still occure caused by various reaons. These do not allways arise from a faulty hardware. Possible  fault sources can also be e.g. changes to the configuration or the network structure surrounding the system.

This is why we ask you to contact us in case any problems arise and never to send the systems back without having consulted us. In order to enable a fast and correct procedure of you repair request we have defined the following method which is the only way to guarantee a smooth processing:

  1. Before starting a return consignment please contact our support team for a preliminary analysis of the problem.
  2. If this analisys shows that a return consignment is neccessary you will receive a RMA number.
  3. This RMA number has to be written clearly and readable onto the delivery documents and the packaging.
  4. Please remember to add a precise description of the defect.
  5. Please consider that packages with returned goods and without RMA number cannot be accepted. 

After your return consignment with RMA number has been received by us we will check wheather or not the repair is covered by warranty. If this is the case we will repair the goods without charge and return them to you. Should the reqeueted repair not be covered by warranty you will receive a repair offer from us and we will repair the system after receiving your order.