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With the aid of our web tool NovaTec Support Area you can view and administer your licenses or even create new licenses at all times.

To enable you to do so it is necessary for you to register at our web tool. The first registered user of any firm is automatically installed as administrator which would administer all future users as well as clients/projects of this firm.

We automatically receive a message about the registration of the firm and will then clear it for usage.

If you are not in responsibility of administration and your administrator is already declared you can simply choose to which existing firm you belong during registration progress.

As soon as your administrator has accepted you as staff member you can use the tool.


In order to enable you to create new licenses you will need credits. These are set up in your account by our sales department after they have been ordered.

For non-cost licenses e.g. for repair or exchange devices we will transfer the according credits to your account.


NOTE: We cannot guarantee a 100% availability of the web tool (e. g. due to server down times). In case that there is temporarily no access to the web tool while you are in urgent need of licenses you may have them generated by NovaTec. This service is only possible during our business hours (Monday till Friday, 9 am to 4 pm, except holidays in North Rhine-Westfalia) and is not free of charge. For details please contact our sales department.


Click here to go to the web tool.

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