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Solutions for networking and integration of ISDN infrastructures into IP based networks


When adjusting or importing existing TDM based infrastructures like ISDN into an IP based infrastructure special attention needs to be paid to the physical and logical characteristics of the interfaces in relation to the connected end devices and applications.

Some end devices and applications known to us like crypto systems, telecommunication systems with DECT devices, ISDN video conference systems etc. require special precautions when emulating ISDN at the switchover to the IP based infrastructure like clock pulse synchronisation or transparent signalling. 

With help of the long years of experience in such projects NovaTec could develop fitting solutions. As examples the following solutions can be named:

These are solution proposals on the one side and projects put into practice on the other.

You can find further information about projects put into practice on the right under “Projects”.

Should you already be the owner of NovaTec products and whish for your application to be described on our pages we will be pleased about your approach.


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