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Solutions for ISDN interface range extension

In all applications with distances above the maximum manufacturer warranted range between place of use of the terminal equipment and the system NovaTec can provide remedy.   

Very often the end device has an analogue telephony or system interface like Up0, Upn (BRI) or ISDN interfaces.

By using the corresponding technologies NovaTec systems can achieve ranges of more than 20 km on two wires. Whilst doing so it is irrelevant whether concerns analogue-digital systems or ISDN interfaces.

With the product series PT (Private Terminator) e.g. single ISDN S0 interfaces can be extended via two wire completely protocol transparent:


With the product series PTI (Private Terminator Integrated) multiple e.g. ISDN S0 interfaces can be combined in 19‘‘technology and extended via two wires completely protocol transparent:


With some system interfaces, consisting of Upo and Upn, the ranges are limited. NovaTec enables the range extension of this kind of interface completely protocol transparent to more than 20 km on two wires with the „S5+ Line Extender“ (in a project in India the range was extended to several thousands of km with radio links).


These examples are possible proposals and already realised project in operation. On the right side of this page you can find further information about effected projects under „Projects“.  If you already use NovaTec products and would like us to describe your application on our pages we will be pleased about your approach.

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