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Secure encryption for ISDN and IP connections with the NovaTec Encryption Gateway


The rapid growth of commercial and private communication over IP provides ideal attack points for eavesdroppers and therefore leads to a drastic increase of illigal attacks on telephone and data networks. The attacks on confidential data take place from within a company as well as from the outside. The economic damage deriving from people spying on confidential data and telephone calls is huge. Only encrypting the data and telephone calls can help.



For the solution of this safety concern the NovaTec Encryption Gateway (NEG) has been developed fom the approved NovaTec system series, which provides a secure end to end encryption for ISDN, analogue and VoIP terminal equipment. Single connections of ISDN terminal systems with S0 (BRI) or S2M (PRI) and analogue interfaces can be encrypted as well as VoIP connections. This happens with help of the open standards SIPS, SRTP and TLS as well as current encryption procedures. NovaTec also provides the tools necessary to build up your own PKI (private key infrastructure).


Encryption Gateway


Encryption and key exchange

VoIP telephony via SIP/RTP, as implemented in the NovaTec gateways and most other VoIP products, is always differentiated betwwen signalisation connection (SIP) and the actual user data (RTP). The NovaTec Encryption Gateways (NEGs) use internationally approved standards for encryption:

Encryption gateway provides high flexibility

The NovaTec Encryption Gateway (NEG) is constructed as an ebbeded hybrid system. Through the use of standardised interfaces extension lines with S2M (PRI) can be connected as well as single analogue, digital or SIP terminal systems. As such, all connections can be encrypted via IP with TLS/SIPS and sRTP. The encryption can be carried out for certain source or target numbers in accordance with a configurable call number plan or by prefixing with a freely eligible cipher combination.

The NovaTec Encryption Gateway can be integrated into the existing ISDN or IP connection of the company's network as individual system. If a system of the NovaTec series is already present, the NovaTec Encryption Gateway can be installed into this as an additional module.