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Central Clock Synchronization (RTP Master Clock Server: RMCS)

When implementing bit synchronous TDM orientated solutions like ISDN in VoIP networks clock synchronization is always necessary.

To enable a central clock synchronization of all network components the "RTP Master Clock Server: RMCS" was developed within the Sync. Admin concept of NovaTec Kommunikationstechnik GmbH.

RMCS is also able to choose between different available reference clocks (e.g. from ISDN) and to synchronize itself and all gateways within the network.

That's how network internal as well as external connections are clock synchronized amongst each other.


The NovaTec RMCS solution has already been approved in environments as TLS and sRTP as a reliable solution.

NovaTec systems support clock synchronization via received RTP packages and don't need an expensive and extensive IP network adjustments as existing solutions like IEEE1588 do.

By allowing the continuous usage of synchronous applications of the ISDN environment and hardware via IP /VoIP network a slow migration is possible and big investments during the migration phase are avoided.


In 2012 NovaTec achieved a position under the best twenty of over 2500 contestants with this product in the innovation award for IT of the German "Initiative Mittelstand".




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