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PT-UP0 Extenders for ISDN 2

The Private Terminator (PT) is an ideal Solution to realise Extensions of ISDN 2 S0-Interfaces.

The PT is installed on the already existing ISDN 2 S0-Interfaces, without the need for any Configurations.

The PT can also be installed as a Converter between UP0- and S0-Interfaces.

PT as an Interface-Converter

The Interface-Conversion can be realised depending on  the operational area:

  1. UP0 to S0 ISDN 2
    Enables the Connection of a S0-ISDN 2 Interface over a UP0-Interface, e. g. on a Telecommunications switch.
    (Behaves as an NT, compares to e. g. NTBA of the Telecom)
  2. S0 ISDN 2 to UP0
  3. Enable the connection of End devices with an UP0-Interface on the S0-Bus.
    (Behaves as an inversed NT)

PT as a Repeater

To bridge extremely large distances, the PT can be used as a Repeater.

  1. S0-UP0 Repeater
    Here the PT-SUP can be used to connect a NT1 or NT2 over a 2 Wire Line on the  S0-Bus over a long distance.
  2. UP0-S0 Repeater
    This option is identical as the  UP0-S0 Interface-Conversion.  

The Private Terminator can also be used for the Conversion of existing ISDN-Interfaces.

S0 to UP0

The PT-SUP enables the connection of End devices with an  UP0-Schnittstelle to an already existing  S0-Bus.

UP0 to S0

The PT-UPS enables the connection of End Devices with  S0-Interfaces to an already existing  UP0-Interface e. g. from a PABX.

Ordering Details:

PT-UPS 2F3401
PT-SUP 2F3501

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