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PT-U0 Range extension for the BRI-Interfaces

The PT is the ideal solution to extend the range of BRI ISDN-Interfaces.

The PT is connected to the already existing BRI ISDN-Interfaces and there is no requirement for any further configuration.

The PT can also be used as a converter between U0- and BRI ISDN-Interfaces.


The PT can realise the following expandabilities in the ISDN:


PT as an Interface-Converter

The conversion of interfaces can be realized depending upon operational area as follows:

  1. U0 to BRI
    Allows the connection of a S0-Bus over an U0-Interface, e. g. on a Telecomms Switch.
    (Behaves as an NT, equal to an e. g. NTBA from Telecom)
  2. BRI to U0
    Allows the connection of End user equipments U0-Interface to the BRI-Bus.
    (Behaves like an inverse NT)

PT as a Repeater

In order to be able to bridge particularly large distances, the PT can be used as a Repeater.

  1. BRI-U0 Repeater
    Here the PT-SU allows the connection of a distant terminal set over a 2-Wire cable to the BRI-Bus of a NT1 or a NT2.  
  2. U0-BRI Repeater
    With this option the application is identical to the U0-BRI conversion of an interface. 
  3. U0-U0 Repeater
    To allow the extension of extremly high distances (12 km and more) over a 2-Wire connection, e. g. transverse transmission between two Telecoms switches (see also for this the description for the PT-Repeater )

The private terminator can also be used for the conversion of already existing ISDN interfaces.

BRI to U0

Makes the connection of end terminals with U0-Interface for the PT-SU possible to an existing BRI-Bus.

U0 to BRI

The PT-US allows the the connection of terminals with BRI-ISDN-Interface to an existing U0-Interface e. g. from a PABX.


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PT-US   2F3101   PT-UPS   2F3401
PT-SU   2F3201   PT-SUP   2F3501
PT-UU   2F2100        

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