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Technical Specification for the Private Terminator Integrated PTI-SU

Mechanical Data  
Dimensions 19'' module with 6HU
Weight 0.4 kg (PTI-SU)
  0.7 kg (PTI-SU-LP)
Electrical Data  
Input Power 5 V, 0,5 A (PTI-SU)
  5 V, 1,1 A (PTI-SU-LP)
Output Power  (only PTI-SU-LP) 110 V= bei 25 mA Load.
Protocols The U0-Interface is according to 2B1Q-Standard (ANSI T1.601) and the S0-Interfaceis according to I.430 specifications
Interfaces and their Ranges

U0-Interface: 8 - 10 km depending on used Cable Types and Absorption (max. 40 db/40 kHz)


Environmental conditions

0 - 70 Grad Celsius with a max Humidity of 70 % (non condensing)

Further information can be found in the Guidelines which are available for download.

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