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Private Terminator Integrated

The private terminator Integrated (PTI) is the ideal solution to increase the range of several S0 interfaces on the basis of a Star Formation.

The PTI comes in a module in 19'' format. This can be installed either into an already existing system or in a TransNova® family system which can be ordered directly from NovaTec

Each PTI -SU module contains four converters of S0 to U0 with same functionality as the PT-SU .

The PTI is attached to the already existing S0-Interfaces, without any need for further configuration.

In a TransNova® S20 up to 17 PTI's can be inserted, this will result in the maximum configuration a knot of max. 68 S0-Interfaces.

If an active Line power is required to remote power the U0-Interface e. g. for remote line power for the  PT-US , this can be realised with the use of a PTI-SU-LP.

The range can be increased by the use of the PT Repeater for up to 24 km. The remote line power supply for  the PT Repeater can be supplied using PTI-SU-LP.

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PTI-SU   1F3201



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