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Range Extension with the PTI

With the Private Terminator Integrated  "PTI" the Range of several  S0-Interfaces on the basis of a neutral point of up to 8 km by means of a 2-Wire cable can be increased. Each private terminator Integrated "PTI" has four S0 and four U-interfaces and can thus extend the range of up to four S0-Interfaces.

The Private Terminator Integrated "PTI" consists of  a single module in 9'' format

For installation the private terminator Integrated is "PTI" mounted into a suitable 19'' rack system.

At the front of the module you can find the necessary interface connections.

Additionally on the front of the "PTI" you will find status indications, with which the operating condition of the interfaces is indicated.

The TransNova System is suitable as a base system for the housing of the Private Terminator Integrated "PTI " .

Here the following maximum stages of Construction can be seen:

Base system Max. Number of Modules Number of Channels
TransNova S5 1 4
TransNova S6 5 20
TransNova S10 2 8
TransNova S20 17 68

If an active power supply of the U-interface is required e. g. for the remote power supply for the  PT-US, then this can be achieved with the private terminator Integrated with the LINE Powered "PTI-LP" option.

The private terminator Integrated "PTI" convinces by it's simple handling and reliability.

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