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NovaTec S5+ Line Extender

The S5+ Line Extender consisting of unit 1 and unit 2 was developed to extend the limited transmission range of UPN and UP0 interfaces. One pair at least is neccessary to achieve a line extension. 

In case of different cable types and parameters a chain of S5+ systems can be built to bridge bigger distances. Each S5+ in the chain must be placed at the junction point of each section of the cable type or diameter.

For extensions over 10 km up to 6 units / 3 pairs can be cascaded. Each pair of S5+ bridges a distance of approx. 10 km. Thus an extension up to 30 km can be achieved.

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Order number
Item name
1F5211M Box 1 NovaTec S5+ incl 1x Up0 Slave / 1x U0 Master (19" chassis)
1F5210S Box 2

NovaTec S5+ incl 1x Up0 Master / 1x U0 Slave (table chassis)


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