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The PT product family has been developed to enable connections to be made between ISDN telephones that may be located in remote locations, and the main PABX/Switch.

With the help of the PT's, ISDN BRI (S0) Interfaces can be converted to either U or Up0-Interfaces.

The main application lies in extending the ranges of BRI (S0) interfaces up to 8 km.

The PT-SU converts an ISDN-BRI interface to a U-Interface and the PT-US reconverts this U-Interface into the original BRI Interface.

The PTI is a module in a 19-inch rack format, which has the function of 4 x PTs.

The PTI is used at locations where several BRI-Interfaces need to be converted to U-Interfaces. The range of a BRI-Interface is extended by the combination of PT-SU and PT-US over a copper twin wire up to distances of 8 km.

The PT’s are completely transparent and thus can be used with any protocol e. g. 1TR6 and EDSS1.

The PT-SUp converts an ISDN-BRI interface into an Up0-Interface and the PT-UpS converts this back from the Up0-Interface into the original BRI-Interface. The range of  a BRI-Interface is extended by the combination of PT-SUp and PT-UpS over a copper twin wire up to distances of 3.5 km.

The NovaTec S5+ Line Extender consists of two units. Unit 1 converts one UP0 slave interface into a U0 interface, unit 2 then alters it into a UP0 master interface. By combining up to 6 units (3 pairs) a transmission range of up to 30 km can be achieved.


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