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NovaTec Network Multiplexer (NNM)

The NovaTec Network Multiplexer (NNM) enables up to 30 B channels of a primary rate interface (PRI/ISDN 30) to be split between several basic and primary rate (BRI, U or PRI) interfaces and SIP (NovaTec SIP Gateway).

The configuration program also allows both dialled and fixed connections to be made.

The NovaTec Network Multiplexer offers extensive configuration possibilities including:

• allocating the B channels to all the interfaces listed above;
• preventing internal connections to be made with external connections;
•The configuration can now be done either locally or by remote control, over ISDN or lP;
• allows the setting of restrictions on the number of B channels on the respective BRI or U interfaces.

Using NovaTec's multiplexer and demultiplexer solutions for network and internet providers, individual client-side connection configurations may be developed from 2 Mbit/s data streams for permanent or dialled connections or a mixture of both.

Nearly every conceivable configuration may be achieved because of the modular construction and the high configurability of the device.

Every system in this series features a central processor. They may be equipped with PRI/ISDN 30, S0 or Uk0 interfaces and may be maintained remotely via ISDN/IP or locally via a V.24 interface.

Possible users:
• City network providers
• Internet service providers
• Direct access network providers

Operational applications:
• For connections of several respective ISDN 2 (BRI) routers or hubs, or from one server via an PRI/ISDN 30 interface to another server.
• For multiple users in one building.
• For the connection of fax servers, call centers, voice servers etc.


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