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NovaTec Network Multiplexer S6

The NovaTec Network Multiplexer NNM S6 enables up to 60 B-channels of two PRI interfaces to be split (non-blocking) to other ISDN interfaces.

Due to its modular conception the NovaTec Network Multiplexer can be individually assembled according to your local environment.

The following ISDN interfaces are available:

Already existing BRI interfaces can be converted to U interfaces in order to link ISDN end devices via long distances with copper wire. This requires the use of the PTI: detailed information can be found here.

The NovaTec Network Multiplexer can also be converted to a
GSM-Gateway or a VoIP-Gateway if GSM and/or IP interfaces are needed.

The NovaTec Network Multiplexer S6 is also available with redundancy enabled power supplies.


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