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Network Management System (NMS)

The NMS is provisionally designed for persons or companies that operate and support several NovaTec systems.

These can be e.g. telecommunications resellers who operate a customer service for NovaTec systems and would like to update tarif tables or software fo these end users etc.

The Network Management System (NMS) is an application which is installed on a PC.

On the computer the minimum requirement software is Windows 95/98/NT or XP .

Further for the support of the NovaTec systems the PC must have a connection to the fixed telephone network so that the PC can be called.


In the NovaTec systems the function "Call-Home" can be activated.

When certain criteria is reached the NovaTec system will execute a telephone call to the NMS.

This criteria can be any or all of the following:

Also the following can also take place on connection to the NMS with the end device be it NovaTec system.

Ideally these Call-Home events should be executed during the quiet hours, so resulting in a minimum of interruption to personnel and business environment.

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