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SOS - Sea of SIMs for GSM-Gateway

SOS (Sea of SIMs) is the abbreviation for the NovaTec SIM - Server, which is an extension to the NovaTec-Gateways , which provides a centralized storage and management of a number of SIM-Cards.

The local SIMs and the remote SIMs located in the SOS can be configured as one common array. 
Due to the non physical connection between the SIMs and the GSM engines a number of advantages can be attained:
The main advantage with the EWU and the SCU is that there is no longer a limitation to the number of Simcards per GSM Channel, therefore any number can now be allocated.


Additional Advantages:

Each EWU is directly linked to corresponding SCU on the SOS side giving complete back to back communication between NMG and SOS. The result is a minimal time delay.

In connection with the NMS Network management system all SIMs can be configured from a centralized remote location, for any number of NMGs and SOS being operated.

All reports for prepaid SIMs being empty or any errors or ASR values can be monitored and managed by the NMS.
The optional local SIMs can be used for eventual disconnected IP link or during SIM board maintenance in the remote SCU.

The functionality :

While using more than one NovaTec Mobile Gateway at different locations, the required SIM-Cards have not to be applied inside the NovaTec Gateways, but they could be stored and managed from a centralized remote location. This job can be done by the NovaTec SIM-Server, which is connected to the NMGs via an IP-Connection. Over this connection all necessary data from the assigned SIM-Card are provided from the SIM-Card Server to the NMG, from where the connection will be set up.






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