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NovaTec Mobile Gateways - GSM Gateway

The NovaTec Mobile Gateway (GSM Gateway - NMG) is the solution for cost effective direct connection in to the mobile networks.

The NMG allows your PABX to access from the ISDN telecommunications directly into the GSM Network, which can then provide savings of up to 65% on fixed network to Mobile telephone connections. The NMG is assisted in this with the high performance Advanced Least Cost Router (ALCR) which determines the cheapest route that a call can take.

The NMG can also be used as a back-up in case of ISDN network failure, "Disaster Recovery". The GSM Mobile Gateway provides the possibility to cut costs in the following ways:

Calls from the desktop telephone to the GSM network can be expensive, so the NovaTe Mobile Gateway routes these calls from the PBX to the GSM Network via it’s own SIMcards and GSM Engines converting the call, instead of Fixed Line to GSM, but to a GSM to GSM call, in some cases this could be a cost reduction of up to 50 percent.

These calls can be made to different network providers as required and routing is automatic through the Least Cost Routing software within the NovaTec Mobile Gateway.

Fixed Net Least Cost Routing is also incorporated within the System and once configured can be changed according to requirements.

Additional features include the possibility to link all outstations/other branch offices within a company to the same Novatec Mobile Gateway thus providing the same cost cutting features to Sales reps or other company employees, who are not not in the same location as the main company headquarters.

With the Call-Back function, which is possible Nationally/Internationally, GSM or Fixed Network, the cutting of GSM phone charges can be realised. When for example employees are on off site visits, he calls a certain number within the NovaTec Mobile Gateway, the Gateway will immediately call him back (without the employee noticing that it is Call-Back). As a consequence the company needs no longer to review it’s employee’s telephone bills and is also still realising cheaper rate Mobile and International calls. Permission classes can be set in a priority list for which employees can dial internationally, nationally or internally on the Call Back system, so giving the Company complete control of charges and telephone accessibility.


Basic Features of the NovaTec Mobile Gateways (GSM Gateway):

Advanced Features of the NovaTec Mobile Gateways (GSM Gateway):

    1. OSI Layer 3 Analysis Data tracing in: IMSI, IMEI, ICC-ID
    2. Budget (actual expiration and Limit)
    3. Home Carrier/Actual Carrier
    4. GSM Engine data (name, manufacturer and firmware version).
    5. Cell ID-LAC, Last release reason, Active connection.
    6. SIM Multiplexing Units for choice of 1, 2, 4 or 5 SIMcards per GSM channel.
    7. Budget assignment per SIMcard, enabling blocking or switching of Individual SIMcards or GSM Ports to the next available SIMcard when either time or budget expired.
    8. SIM Server Technology for the deployment of GSM Gateways without SIMcards (local backup SIMcards may be installed for breakdown in IP Network).
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