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NovaTec Mobile Gateway NMG S5+ (GSM Gateway)

The NovaTec Mobile Gateway NMG S5+ comes in the E1(PRI / ISDN 30) range with the possibility of up to 2 x E1 connections and from 2 - 6 GSM Channels all with either 1,2 or 4 Simcards per GSM Channel. The NovaTec Mobile Gateway S5+ can not be expanded due to its 2 module construction, and will always be delivered with an MCU Board which holds the CCU function and 2 GSM Channels (each with 1 Simcard per Channel) and room for either 2 x PRI/E1 connections or 4 x BRI/ISDN 2 connections.

Many applications can be achieved with the NMG S5+, these include SMS-Email-SMS, Callback in all specifications, National, International GSM or Fixed Network.

The NMG S5+ can also be used in conjunction with the SIM Server technology from NovaTec, more on the SIM Server can be found here.










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