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NovaTec Mobile Gateway NMG S20 - GSM Gateway

The NovaTec Mobile Gateway NMG S20 comes in the E1(PRI / ISDN 30) range with the possibility of up to 4 x E1 connections and from 4 - 60 GSM Channels all with either 1 or 4 Simcards per GSM Channel (either WAU WIreless Access Unit or Enhanced Wireless Unit). The GSM Channels come in 4 GSM Channel steps and can be upgraded by inserting more GSM Channel cards.

Many applications can be achieved with the NMG S20, these include SMS - Email - SMS, Callback in all specifications, National, International GSM or Fixed Network.

The NMG S20 can also be used in conjunction with the SIM Server technology from NovaTec, more on the SIM Server can be found here.

The NovaTec Mobile Gateway NMG S20 is also available with redundancy enabled power supplies.











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