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NovaTec systems

With the NovaTec systems various functionalities can be combined in only one chassis, such as:

Over the years the requirements in the telecommunications fields both in the fixed net and within the GSM range have grown. All these requirements have been realised and are reconstructed in the NovaTec products.

The high requirement for quality, function and combinability is always at the center of attention along with the high usage and cost savings factor. NovaTec reaches with its systems uncompromising communication with clearly definable and reduced costs. The products are custom made according to a customer's specification and its individual communication situation. (Media Gateway)

With the modular construction method the different functions can be combined and scaled optimally, and later extensions/upgrades or adjustments are generally possible.

All NovaTec systems are based on solutions required in the end user market all the way up to large corporations, also to customer specification, where the solution may be unknown and still to be realised - individual solutions for individual needs.



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