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NovaTec Administration and Management System (NAMES)

NAMES is the new NovaTec solution for administering multiple NovaTec systems through a central service. The application runs on a server, allowing multiple concurrent users to use it through a web-based UI. The current version of NAMES provides functionality equivalent to the combination of NMS, TI-CA and NTConf. Additionally , the tools TI-Client and Call Server from NMP 7.4.0 should be used to cover functionality not yet transferred to the new system.

The version of NAMES offered for download on this page contains only basic functionality, mostly restricted to that contained in the previous freely available administration and configuration tools. To evaluate or license further functionality, such as scheduled or triggered actions, issuing of TLS certificates and full user and role management, please contact our sales department.

NAMES Download


NAMES 3.0.1

Release Notes

RN zu 3.0

RN zu 3.0.1

Caution: systems that have been upgraded to a FW from 00.08.03.xx onwards cannot be reverted to an a pre-00.08.03.xx version without manufacturer assistance due to component licensing issues.

The installer contains:

Firmware compatible with NAMES 3.0 may be downloaded from the following list. An appropriate firmware license must be installed. To renew your license, please contact our sales department. Caution: before upgrading from FW or older on a CCU4 please make sure to contact our support first!

Firmware Download



Release Notes

RN zu

RN zu

> Downloads and Information
> Handbooks/manuals and data sheets
> NMP (Current)
> Previous NMP Versions
> NMS 7.1.2
> Previous NMS Versions
> TICA 1.6

> FW update pricelist and features
> Compatibility matrix
> SW Download: NMP 7.4.0
> SW-Download: NMP 7.3.1
> SW-Download: NMS 7.1.2
> SW-Download: TI-CA 1.6
> OpenSSL DLLs