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Download area "Technical Data"

In this area we provide the feature lists, manuals and data sheets of our products. Please click on the links below to download the required document.

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Feature Lists

NIP-/SIP Gateway S3

NIP-/SIP Gateway S5+, S6, S20/S20+

NovaTec Network Multiplexer S5+, S6, S20/S20+

NovaTec Mobile Gateway S5+, S6, S20/S20+




Data Sheets

NovaTec S3

NovaTec Systems S5+, S20/S20+


NovaTec Designdocument

Handbook S3

Handbook S5+

Handbook S6

Handbook S20 NMG

Handbook S20 NNM

Handbook S20 PTI 

Handbook Performance Management



NAMES 3.0 User Manual

NAMES 2.0 User Manual

White Paper NovaTec Access Media Gateways

S3 to CUCM Connection

S6/S20 to CUCM Connection

TLS Configuration

Command Line Interface

IP Port Matrix

Reconfiguration of NovaTec-Gateways


















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> Handbooks/manuals and data sheets
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> Previous NMS Versions
> TICA 1.6

> FW update pricelist and features
> Compatibility matrix
> SW Download: NMP 7.4.0
> SW-Download: NMP 7.3.1
> SW-Download: NMS 7.1.2
> SW-Download: TI-CA 1.6
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