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The NovaTec TI-CA (Trace Info Certificate Autority) Server

The Release Notes for TI-CA 1.6 can be found here.

Please be aware, that the use of TI-CA with Windows XP is no longer supported, the use with Windows 2003 is only supported until latest 14th of July 2015.

TI-CA was developed from Novatec in order to generate and sign TLS certificates for NovaTec products and other products which shall be used together with NovaTec systems in a PKI structured environment.

The TI-CA application generates

The Root-CA Key and the password of this key are the most sensitive parts of the CA infrastructure and have to be stored in a safe place together with the Root Certificate (e. g. on an USB stick in the customer´s safe). The Root-CA is only used to sign other certificates. The Public-Certificate (cacert.crt) is provided to all systems that are part of this CA infrastructure.

The TI-CA application should be installed on an access-secure Microsoft server. That means, the server should be located in a locked room without LAN access.

You can download the TI-CA software with the link on the right-hand side of this page. To use TI-CA a license dongle is needed. The dongle contains the number of systems (MAC addresses) that can be signed:

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