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The NovaTec Network Management System (NMS)


Attention: NMS is affected by OpenSSL vulnarability CVE-2014-0224. Please consider our security advisory. The DLLs for the workaround can be downloaded here or at the right side of this page. 


The release notes for the NMS 7.1.2 can be found here.

The NMS enables the remote access to the NovaTec systems and offers the following functionalities:

Conditions for the Functionality of the NMS

To enable the direct access to the NovaTec-Systems the following software packages have to be installed on the server that is used for the NMS:

The above software can be downloaded free of charge from the download area.


To start NMS a license dongle is needed (1 to 6 licenses are available), too. For an offer please turn to our sales department.


The NMS server has to be embedded into the LAN and must at least fulfill the system pre-conditions according to Release Notes NMS 7.1.2. 


Operation Mode of the NMS

In case that a second NMS server is used as backup system a synchronisation tool such as Allway Sync is necessary to guarantee the data consistency between the two NMS servers. More information regarding this can be found here.

Use of two NMS servers, example chart:


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