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Open up new markets and increase your rentability with our products.

NovaTec are the manufacturers of GSM/ISDN and VoIP equipments and we are currently looking for new distributors and resellers.

Our product range contains amongst many other Products:

· VoIP Gateways for the direct connection and migration from ISDN or GSM to the Voice over Internet Protocol network without having to change any end-user equipments.

· GSM - Gateways, which come in a wide range from a solution with 1 GSM Channel up to an extensive 60 Channel system, including several useful Applications such as: E-mail to SMS functionality, and Callback services in all specifications National/International GSM and Fixed Network.

· VoIP and ISDN Encryption A complete Encryption Solution for ISDN/VOIP and IP Data communications.

· SIM - Card Server technology, which allows GSM Gateways to be deployed without SIMcards. The SIMcards are held in a local headquarters (SIM Carrier Unit) and have a direct IP Link to the GSM Gateways, and virtual SIMcard information is sent to the GSM Gateways to allow the calls to be terminated. The GSM gateways can either be national or international, the SIMcards from the corresponding country are also held in the SCU.

· ISDN - Interface range extensions, for ISDN Extensions of up to 24kms.

· ISDN - Converter and Repeater technology

· NovaTec-Network Multiplexer for the spreading of E 1 / ISDN 30 / PRI to ISDN 2 / BRI and vice versa also providing a complete Signalling Network Management and supervision of ISDN Protocols.

To receive further information on our products please take a look atthe above mentioned pages or contact us directly for more details about our products or to learn about conditions for a possible partnership.

Our intention is to attract an experienced partner to open a business relationship in your country, which could bring many positive benefits for both sides.

Be our Distributor and look ahead in a successful future.